air conditioning and heating
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A/C and Heating


Split system air conditioner installs


Air-conditioners are widespread in the Australian home. Reverse cycle split systems are a good choice for cooling down in summer and keeping warm in winter.

A well designed and installed system can provide one of the most efficient ways to heat your home or office. Air conditioning systems with inverter technology will use specially designed fan motors and compressors in order to be more efficient in their operation than non-inverter air conditioning systems.

We will install any split systems you provide.

Alternatively we sell a range of different brands which have high ratings for energy efficiency, so that we can help with your power bill. Please contact us for more information or to book a service.

Evaporative air-conditioner service and repair

Evaporative air-conditioners are built to last, however, all types of air conditioner units requires service and repairs. Air-conditioners which have failed to be serviced have an increased risk of malfunction and a shortened lifespan. If you haven’t serviced your system, you may notice a lack of cooling capactiy over the years or strange noises. Servicing once every year could almost double the lifespan of your system.

StarGreen Electrical offers you the best choice to service and maintain your evaporative air conditioner.

Our servive comes with a 12 month labour warranty on parts, including the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Standard evaporative services for $110 include:

  • Cleaning pads

  • Testing electrical components

  • Inspecting pump, fan and operation

  • Cleaning system and remove build up of scum

We also offer at highly competitive prices:

  • Disinfection to supress Legionella and remove algae ($ 10 extra) 

  • Pump and pad replacements

  • PCB upgrades

  • Solenoid replacements

You will feel at ease once your unit has been serviced by us.