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Levelling the playing field for solar and storage technology

17 Apr Levelling the playing field for solar and storage technology

Levelling the playing field for solar and storage technology

Levelling the playing field for solar and storage technology

Now that interest in solar power and storage has reached fever pitch, the challenge is to ensure fair competition for all businesses offering these products and services, the Clean Energy Council’s Policy Manager Darren Gladman told an audience in Melbourne today.

“With the cost of solar plunging and all the hype around storage, we have gone from a situation several years ago where large traditional energy businesses weren’t interested in these technologies – or saw them as a problem  –  to one where everyone recognises them as a major business opportunity,” Mr Gladman told a highly-engaged audience of about 80 at an event organised by the Moreland Energy Foundation and Positive Charge this afternoon.

“The current challenge is to ensure that everyone is able to compete fairly to provide services. We want solar businesses to be treated fairly with the likes of energy retailers or distribution businesses,” he said.

“When the playing field is level, effective competition can work to continue reducing costs and drive the development of innovative new products for customers. We need to ensure we don’t have a situation where some players have an unfair advantage over the others.”

An area where there is the potential for unfair advantage is if some companies have access to customer data from other parts of their business that would enable them to target potential solar consumer. But the question how to ensure fairness is where the issue starts to get complicated, and is an active area of interest for governments, regulators and the industry.

Mr Gladman appeared on a panel with Wilf Johnston of SunEdison, Donna Luckman from the Alternative Technology Association and Tim Middlehurst from CitiPower.

Other topics discussed included battery trials, implications of electricity tariff reform for customers and partnerships with distribution businesses to install energy storage technology.

Visit the Clean Energy Council’s Australian Energy Storage Roadmap page to find out more about what is happening in this exciting space.


– See more at: https://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/news/2016/April/solar-storage-moreland-positive-charge-darren-gladman-competition-fairness.html#sthash.jouPKM8U.dpuf

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