Quality Solar panels are more then a fancy brochure.... - PumpTech Electrical
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Quality Solar panels are more then a fancy brochure….

06 Mar Quality Solar panels are more then a fancy brochure….

In a competitive world of solar manufacturing and panels cheaper then ever, how do you choose a good quality panel? There are literally hundreds of panels and advertising to match. Tier 1 is usually a good start followed by a brand that has been installed in Australia and proven to be reliable by installers etc. Tier 1 applies to 2% of manufactured panels and simply means a few basic things. The main two being they have been in manufacture for 5 years and use advanced robotic processes. However the quality of components etc dont have a mention as you can still purchase cheap Tier 1 panels. So my advice is always to ask installers and professional who use the products everyday and have faith in the product (as long as they’re being honest with you) and do your research, At¬†Pumptech Electrical we only use brands that we trust and take the time to do research on the products we install. A few brands to mention and we use include names like Trina, Jinko, LG, Q-Cells etc

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