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What We provide

PumpTech Electrical

The aim of PumpTech Electrical is to provide an excellent, on time, efficient and affordable electrical service to our clients in the following areas:

  • Evaporative Air Conditioning Service and Install
  • Solar Service and Install
  • Solar Panel Replacements
  • Inverter Replacement
  • Split System Air Conditioning Service and Install
  • Pump and Motor Repairs
  • Water Treatment
  • Bore Pumps
  • Solar Bore Pumps
  • Reticulation
  • Irrigation
  • Pump Mechanical Seal Replacements
  • Diaphragm Valve Repairs
  • Sewerage, Storm Water and Effluent Pumping Station Service
  • Water Testing and Filtration
  • Irrigation Switchboard Modifications and Installations
  • Variable Speed Drive Installation and Replacement
  • Domestic Pumping Solutions and Water Transfer

About PumpTech Electrical

PumpTech Electrical Pty Ltd is a locally owned business based in Swan View. We endeavour to provide unique services in order to provide a whole household solution. This includes solar power generation, recycling water to feed your gardens, air conditioning, as well as providing environmentally friendly chemicals for everyday use. 

We have a deep interest in sustainable living that is affordable to install and maintain for all households.A few simple changes to the household such as solar powered pool pumps, energy efficient hot-water systems and air conditioners, can all significantly reduce costs and contribute to a greener future. 

We are also aware of continually changing technologies and will remain up to date on the latest innovations in the field.  

PumpTech Electrical strives to provide and advise on renewable systems best suited to your home, budget and lifestyle. We have a strong interest in sustainable living and helping households by providing more services and equipment which help households save on Power, Water and Waste whilst working to reduce environmental impact.